3 Hours in Bengkulu

If You Only Have 3 Hours in Bengkulu

Nowadays, People comes to Bengkulu to have a meeting or a seminar. So after the meering end, they only have 3 hours time before they go back to Jakarta with afternoon flights. Here some points of advice for you to have a quick highlight of Bengkulu


A Glance of Marlborough Fort

This is the second of the strongest British defence fort in Asia, or the strongest in Souteast Asia. Take a taxi there and ask the driver to wait for maximum 30 minutes. You can begin to Explore the fort from the front bridge and enter the main gate. You can explor until up to the wings where the cannons placed facing to the harbour or to the city. A very experienced guide, can accompany you to explain the history of The Fort Marlborough.


Soekarno Residence

From the fort, you may ask the driver to go to the Soekarno House. From Fort Marlborough you may passing by The Thomas Parr Monument, The Raffless Hause (Oficial house of Governor in present time), British Cemitery, Hamilton Monument before you arrived at Soekarno House. Approximately in 20 Minutes you will arrived at Soekarno House, you can see the arcitecture and the books collection of the 1st President of Republic Indonesia. The House is quite clean and have a large garden in front of it. In here also have a guide who can explain to you the history of Soekarno in Bengkulu, you may spent 15 minutes here.


Souvernir Center

From Soekarno House its only 5 minutes away to reach Souvenir Center. Here you can buy various things that uniquely from Bengkulu. Traditional snacks and Kain Besurek will be a very good choice for shopping in here. You may spent 20 minutes here before leave to airport. It will take about 30 minutes away to Airport from Souvenir Center via Pantai Panjang. See you again next time in Bengkulu, Indonesia