Dates and Holidays

These days when everything is more easier to travel, we still need a smart plan to maximize our vacation or holidays.

Indonesian market is well known as one of the largest tourism market to some tourims destinations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea or even China and Japan ( Not to mention all favorite domestic destinations like Bali, Lombok, Bandung, Jogja, etc)

Herewith some tips regarding the Dates for holidays

WEEKENDS (Friday - Sunday)
Most of Indonesian choose weekends for their holidays, that is why most of the weekend trip will be a lot more expensive (especially when Indonesian people always and always travel during the weekends).
If you choose weekends for your holidays, make sure you make the reservation all in advance (at lease 1,5 months before your trip), these advance reservation will provide you a lot more option fare for flights, hotels and the tourism destinations. And if you make the reservation less than a month, you will get much expensive fare and less option of flights and Hotels (if its not fully booked already)

(Public holidays that extended the long weekends)
These dates are Indonesian favorite!
For choosing these dates you definitely have to make it smart and well planned, coz all the airlines, hotels, transportations, and even tour guides will be short-handed and of course more expensive compared to a normal weekends.
If you want more option and alternatives for your holidays, You MUST make a reservation at lease 3 months before your trip. Failing to do so (as a travel agents we are not recommend you to make a reservation less then 1,5 months), you will get super expensive fare.

Choose the dates and planned your holidays wisely with style. Enjoy your holidays!

Alesha Wisata
Be with you all the way

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